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Profile of the Organization:
PRESET- Platform of Rural Educational Development for Socio-Economic Transition, is a non political, non-communal and non-profitable organization formed for the purpose of sustainable
Rural development and initiate a series of actions to improve the living conditions of the rural settlements in collaboration with experienced nodal NGO's, civil society organization and relevant ministries for implementation of relevant development programs. The organization is registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 with the following objectives:
1. To achieve universal primary education and to ensure all the boys & girls complete a full course of primary schooling in rural areas and to remove illiteracy by encouraging adult education and empowering women through education.

2. To improve cultural activities & and Improvement of language and literature and to
organize seminars to promote science & technology among rural villagers.

3. To provide computer education & training in rural villages arid to make available the benefits of new technologies especially information & communication technologies through setting up 'Village Information Resource Center1 (VIRC).

4. To provide relief & free coaching and computer training to Schedule Tribe/Schedule caste/poor/downtrodden students of rural areas and to promote technical knowledge among educationally backward minorities.

5. To prevent migration of youths from villages to cities by making them realize that agriculture and other rural occupation is also rewarding and to inspire rural young entrepreneurs to learn modern techniques with a view to adopt them for improvement of their end result.

6. To encourage rural sports & Games and to develop well operational playgrounds and to
provide them with sports equipments
7. To provide help and assistance to physically handicapped person & widows of rural and
backward villages and also to render assistance to storm, fire and flood affected people.

8. To provide economic empowerment: to help in formation of Self-Help-Groups (SHG) at village level and to provide assistance for generating employment-cum-income through setting up agro-based units like poultry, piggery, Goatery, fishery etc., Food processing, preservation, packaging and quality control where women participation is mandatory.

9. To reduce child mortality and improve maternal health in rural areas and to combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other major diseases and to ensure safe drinking water.

10. To ensure environmental sustainability : to conduct environmental awareness programs through organizing educational camp/ seminars to prevent ecological misbalance and deforestation and also to protect wildlife & endangered species and cruelty to animals
The VIRC mainly aims at providing technical/ Non-formal primary education/ adult education and vocational trainings to the rural poor ST/SC and technically backward minority students & women of the rural villages. The center will also organize seminars to promote science & technology and encourage women participation, in addition, an environment and health awareness campaign is to be conducted in frequent intervals to bring awareness among the villagers.

Aims at right to education for women and children living below poverty line keeping in view their socio-economic status. The program includes 'non-formal pre-primary & primary education' with learning & teaching tool to improve life skill, personal and collective action as well as community leadership.

Rendering help and care to the HIV/AIDS victims and conducting Participatory methodologies curriculum/awareness programs on HIV/ AIDS under the legal framework of relevant department of Govt, in collaboration with civil society organizations/local Bodies/nodal NGO's..
Administrative Heads:
Chairman: Mr. MayurManta. +91-9864530197 (Hand phone)
+91-3774 -295250 (Work)
Vice-Chairperson: Ms Angira. Saikia, +91-9954476898 (Handphone)
+91-3774-295250 (Work)
Secretary General: Mr. Sudeep Sengupta. +91-9954476884 (Handphone)
+91-3774-295250 (Work)